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Our philosophy

With passion for creating healthy food, we founded Soul Kitchen, a modern nutritional and alternative meal laboratory, based in Rhodes. 

Understanding the need of these times for a healthy and different diet, our main goal is to offer delicious meals and drinks made with love. We are committed to giving value to the raw material and to offer everyone a totally alternative nutritional experience.

Apart from being a place of cooking, our laboratory is a place that aims to develop a food culture and to educate people both productively and as consumers.
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Our creative menu was developed utilizing the most modern cooking techniques and trends, while remaining in harmony with the culture of healthy eating. In addition, among our meals, you can also find a variety of special options, such as lactose free, gluten free, low carbs, vegetarian, Keto, Paleo and many more.
With Soul Kitchen you have the opportunity to build your complete weekly meals, tailored to your nutritional needs and requirements, in collaboration with your dietitian or our scientific team.

Our team

Our complex team consists of experts in all fields, such as cooks, dietitians, food technologists, who aim to create scientifically and gastronomically unique meals. Our team's purpose is to cook all meals in the most noble ways, in order to highlight their taste, but also to protect both their organoleptic characteristics and their nutritional value.

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